Photo by my dear friend  Shermin "Happy Feet"
Photo by my dear friend Shermin “Happy Feet”


Nice to meet you, too. I’m LL, and I hiked 1,833.3 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in the summer of 2017. My trail partner and I started in Tehachapi, CA on June 6, 2017, and we finished in Manning Park, BC on September 25, 2017.

At risk of stating the obvious, I like backpacking. But I also enjoy running slowly, baking bread, speeding through jigsaw puzzles, eating mangos, making my friends do push-ups, playing with Excel, and getting competent women elected to public office.


LL, short for LL Cool Juniper, is the trail name I earned on the PCT.

Juniper comes from an allergy to juniper trees I discovered on my second day. And being a lover of old school hip hop, I enjoyed rapping my favorites at the top of the Sierra Nevada mountain passes. After a particularly compelling rendition of LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out”, I earned a new identity.


Simple. I want to help you hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

My goal with this project is to pay it forward – a common trail mantra – so that others (maybe you) will make the best decision of your life to hike the PCT. I have written extensively about my experience both in the form of daily Instagram posts while I was on trail and many longer pieces now that I’m back home. If there’s anything I can do to convince you to hike, quell any fears, provide you with any information, please shoot me a note.

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