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I read countless blogs, watched videos, and searched high and low for the best advice in preparation for the PCT. Here are some of the most helpful materials I came across before and after the trail to help motivate me and educate me on trail life. This list will grow as I come across more great resources. Feel free to email me good finds!


  • Boston & Cubby’s 2010 Pacific Crest Trail Journal – “RESUPPLY BOXES:”
    I found this post to be a great way to start brainstorming items to drop into my resupply boxes. Since I hadn’t done much backpacking, let alone long-distance backpacking, I was pretty clueless on what foods I might want to eat on trail.
  • The Trek – “Pacific Crest Trail Resupply Guide”
    The Trek is a great resource from many different thruhikers, rather than one person’s blog. This is by far the most thorough, detailed write-up of the various resupply options.
  • Wander About – “Pacific Crest Trail Food Resupply Plan”
    After doing my hike, I did end up regretting not doing more mailing ahead while on trail. Most of the mail drops I picked up while on trail were packages I had made months back, not knowing what I would like and dislike while hiking nor the quantities that I would consume. This made me wish I had spent more time making and shipping boxes up the trail. This post does a great job of laying out a strategy like that.






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This website is chock-full of very detailed information about the PCT and other adventures. One of the best resources on this site is the Annual Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hiker Survey which compiles responses from hikers on gear, resupply, and basic demographics.

My favorite pieces by him:

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Homemade wanderlust

Dixie, AKA “Homemade Wanderlust”, hiked the AT in 2016 and the PCT in 2017 and somehow managed to keep up amazing vlogs on trail. She also has great informational videos about her experience on her YouTube channel.

My favorite videos by her:

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“The Water report”

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The water report is a crowdsourced resource that is updated routinely during regular hiking season. It lists out the water sources on trail and people on trail send in information to the administrator of the water report so others can get updated information to prepare. I recommend downloading the Google Drive app on your phone and remembering to update this sheet each time you have service.

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Facebook & reddit

These resources can be hit-or-miss depending on the quality of the people interacting in the groups, but I’ve found that forums on these websites can be great places to ask specific questions. I’ve loved the Women of the PCT Facebook group as the women on there are nothing but helpful and supportive to each other. Additionally, the PCT Water,Fire,Passes,Fords Update Group group compiles up-to-date information on the trail conditions.

Good resources:

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